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New to frenchie ownership? Here are 5 things you should know before you decide on a french bulldog puppy.

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By: James Harrison

About the breed:

So.. what to know when buying a French Bulldog Puppy? First let’s get over some basics. French Bulldogs are one of the most popular small dog breeds in the world. They are comical, entertaining, polite to other people and animals and very loving. Sounds perfect, right?

Unfortunately the French Bulldog breed definitely isn’t for everyone. French Bulldog Puppies require a lot of care and devotion that not every pet owner can provide, either due to lack of time, financial limits, etc.. If you fell in love with this breed like many do be prepared to deal with some health issues, snorting, flatulence, etc.

French Bulldog

Flatulence can often be fixed by offering top quality food. We made a list of delicious French Bulldog food recipes if you are prepared to cook for your French Bulldog Puppy. If you can’t commit to that, consider feeding your dog some of these top quality French Bulldog foods brands from our blog. You will avoid many health issues/allergies by investing in a food that is actually nutritious.

Top quality French Bulldog foods brands

Another important thing on the list of “What to know when buying a French Bulldog” is definitely the fact that they usually can’t swim. French Bulldogs come in all shapes and forms, from skinny ones with a smaller head and longer legs, to stocky ones with big wrinkly head. It’s usually the stocky ones that sink due to their body shape. But we wouldn’t take a risk and that’s why you should never leave your Frenchie unattended around water without a life vest. There are many online stores that offer cute, fashionable vests, like this.

They tend to have trouble breathing due to their smushed faces, meaning they aren’t the best at regulating body temperature. Because of that French Bulldog Puppies can easily overheat in the summer, so make sure they have plenty of water and don’t stay outside for too long.

French Bulldogs are usually stubborn and it takes a while to completely potty train them. Make sure you establish yourself as the alpha to gain respect from your Frenchie, which will make the whole process easier. Not only the potty training process but everything from walking on the leash to obeying simple commands. We made a blog post with tips on French Bulldog potty training which has proven to work multiple times.

Now let’s just skip to supplies and grooming tips…

French Bulldog potty training

Basic French Bulldog Supplies:

  1. Start with a comfy bed. French bulldogs love to snuggle so this Best Friends Donut Cuddler one is always a popular choice.
  2. Crate. Frenchies usually respond good to crate training. Make a crate their little sanctuary where they feel safe, not a place they are put in as a punishment.
  3. Quality food. I would say cook their food, but I know that’s not always realistic. We feed our puppies Ultra Puppy Formula by Nutro and add fresh vegetables, like carrot, spinach, sweet potatoes and also fruits like blueberries. Studies showed that fresh food equals longevity.
  4. Water and food bowl. Stainless steel over plastic any day. Slow feeding bowl, if your dogs literally inhales instead of eating. Frenchies tend to do that with their food. We like this the Harmony stainless steel one.
  5. Harness and leash. You can use a collar as an accessories, but it’s not recommended for walking your pup. Choose a quality harness like any of these one by Frenchie Bulldog. We love their designs.
  6. Poop bags and pee pads. Our puppies are introduced to pee pads early on and we make sure they are good at using it before going to their homes.
  7. Toys, toys, toys. We suggest in investing in durable toys, like the ones from Kong, because French Bulldogs are the notorious for destroying toys. Want to test the quality of a toy? Leave it alone with a Frenchie for 60 seconds.
  8. Gentle puppy shampoo, hair comb and nail trimmer.
  9. Not really a supply but think about invest into a doggy insurance plan.
Basic French Bulldog Supplies Basic French Bulldog Supplies Basic French Bulldog Supplies

What to Know When Buying a French Bulldog – Spoiled Puppy Edition, because having a Frenchie is just like having another kid

  1. The famous paw soother and snout soother from The Natural Dog company.
  2. Natural dental care kits from 4-Legger. Yes, you should brush your dogs teeth now and then to prevent tooth decay at an older age. You will save a lot of money by taking care of your dogs teeth from the beginning.
  3. Soothing, natural, chemical free shampoos from 4-Legger.
  4. Fritto Paws (yeasty paws)? 4-Legger has your back, this thing works.
  5. Winter is coming, and Canada Pooch has some great stuff for your new addition.
  6. Keep those bat ears covered with Snorf Industries.
  7. Raw goat milk by Primal is a great supplement you can serve with some fresh blueberries. Never use cow milk, it upsets their stomach. Also avoid any treats that contain it.
  8. Add bone broth to their food to support joint health.
  9. Human Grade food and dog treats by Honest Kitchen. If you want to feed your dog quality food, but don’t have time for making it yourself. I think Honest Kitchen is as close as you will get to.
  10. Once you become a Frenchie owner you will suddenly relate to people who own Frenchie mugs, hoodies, towels, so check out Frenchie Maniac. You’re welcome.

And there it is. We hope we answered your “what to know when buying a French Bulldog” questions. Let the journey begin. To get more tips, recommendations and recipes for your French Bulldog subscribe to our NEWSLETTER by clicking here.