Frenchies Grooming Tips

Learn a few tips and ticks on how to properly groom your frenchie. French Bulldogs are a sensitive dog breed so natural products work best.

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By: James Harrison

  • Dogs don’t require everyday grooming as humans do. You should bathe your French Bulldog when necessary, but not more than once a month, unless required by your vet. Use gentle products made from natural ingredients. We like everything from The Natural Dog company, 4-Legger and Earth Bath. They have everything necessary to give your Frenchie the ultimate spa experience.
The Natural Dog company
  • Your French Bulldogs shedding will depend on the season. With the appropriate brush, brush your canine companion every other day to remove dirt and debris, prevent matting, control shedding, and create a shiny coat.

  • Use a damp towel or wet wipes to wipe any dirt, mud, sand, pine needles, or other outdoor debris from your dog’s coat as needed. Earth Bath has several wipes that don’t irritate skin and vary from regular grooming wipes to face wipes, ear wipes, etc..

Earth Bath wipes
  • If your French Bulldog is not on tick and flee prevention make sure you check for ticks daily, or even more often during tick season. Ask your veterinarian to train you on the safest method for tick removal. The more quickly a tick is removed from a dog, the better.

  • Frenchies tend to have a dry nose, make sure it doesn’t become too cracked, since it can lead to pain and if severe even bleeding. I swear by this product and it’s always a life saver.

he Natural Dog company
  • Check your dog’s pads regularly. Not just for cleanliness but to ensure that they are not dry, cracked, or injured in any way. Excessive hair may grow between your dog’s toes. It can become matted or cause other problems. It should be trimmed to be even with the paw pads or slightly shorter. This must be done carefully to prevent cutting your dog.

We love these products by Natural Dog Company:

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  • Keep your dog’s nails trimmed. Your vet and/or groomer can show you how to safely trim nails. If you do not feel comfortable doing it on your own, it is usually a quick and inexpensive trip to a groomer or your veterinarian’s office. It’s important not to cut too close to the quick, since it can cause bleeding.
Tail anatomy

Nails should be trimmed regularly to keep them and the quick (which supplies blood to the nail) from growing too long. Regular trimming can help keep the quick shorter and decrease the chances of cutting it when you are trimming the nails. If your dog has dark toe nails, it is especially difficult to identify where the quick ends. You may want to seek guidance from your veterinarian before trying to cut dark nails on your own.

  • Wipe the inside of your dog’s ears weekly with a moist cotton ball or wet wipes. At the same time, you should take a good look and smell each ear and ear canal. Any signs of severe redness, swelling, debris, or discharge (brown or yellow), or a fetid, “yeasty” odor may be a sign of infection and requires a visit to your veterinarian. This is often noted shortly after a bath or swimming due to the accumulation of moisture. It is important to thoroughly dry each ear after they get wet.
Earth Bath
  • Daily brushing of your dog’s teeth is best, but you should brush your dog’s teeth at least a few times per week. Plaque starts to build up after 48 hours. You can also try wrapping your finger with gauze or a washcloth. Wipe the teeth and massage the gums. Dental problems in dogs can lead to other problems, including serious health issues such as heart disease, kidney disease, and more. Get your dog accustomed to having his teeth cleaned regularly. It’s good for your pet and can save you from costly dental work as the dog ages.We use this amazing organic and cruelty free product by 4-Legger:
  • Does giving your Frenchie a bath feel like exorcising a demon? Get yourself the Bath Calmer. French Bulldogs can’t say no to peanutbutter.
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